(Stage-play and screen adaptation, upon request)


                 Marriage: Agony or ecstasy?

It’s the night before Marina’s wedding and she’s scared to death about getting married. She’s ready to call it off when suddenly her decision is intercepted by ghostly visitations from Russian-Feminist Emma Goldman, and her deceased Grandmother Roxanna. The clock is ticking fast and both of these women take on the task of proving to Marina that marriage is about finding a real comrade to walk through life with. But Marina can’t let go and embrace her future until she lets go of the past. The night becomes a loving persuasion to convince Marina to surrender to her own fate, her meant to be-- her Beshert.

Will Marina take their advice and finally walk down the aisle?


The Pony Fellowship Award (Semi-Finalist)

The Will Hamlin Scholarship Award for Excellence in Writing and Literature.



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